We Believe in
  • Making things happen
  • Taking ownership
  • Aligning with our customers
Our Core Values
  • Immersed in our customers to understand customer needs and pain.
  • Empower our customers
  • Dedication and Striving for improvement
Our Goals
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Competitive pricing via technological automation & Offshore Sourcing.
  • Eliminate Obsolete Inventory and Storage Cost
Our Responsibilities
  • Minimize Adverse environmental impact
  • Provide challenging workplace
  • Run sustainable operations

We are a Print Marketing company

Businesses need to build deep and powerful connections. That’s what CEC does. We control the powerful medium to get your message across. We print and deliver your message to the people who need it.

We offer Creative Design, Prepress, Print marketing, Storage, Shipping and Fulfillment services.

Companies are transforming their traditional supply chain to value chain to gain sustainable competitive advantage. This value chain is being asked to help enhance the customer experience. Since last 37+ years, CEC has been empowering its customers by trimming ancillary printing expenses.

Our Just-In-Time production and lean manufacturing have made us an ideal in-house print partner for Marketing and Procurement teams.

Businesses are looking for a cost effective ways to reach target audience in a tangible, long-lasting and memorable way. Choosing cheap promotional products for marketing campaign is like telling prospect to throw away without looking at it.

CEC’s global reach has enable its customer to choose promotional products that fits their niche of products and service.

Businesses want visual communication solutions that are effective and unexpectedly grabs prospects attention. The visual communication solution that are not eye-catching, interactive and thought-provoking become a deadly weapon and crushes the brand.

CEC’s Visual Marketing experience has helped small businesses to create visual communication solutions that are unique, compelling & Interactive.

We add value on all the Print Marketing projects we work on. We have managed to transition from a home country-focused manufacturing business model to that of a global. We believe that if the work can be done outside at lower cost and better quality than it can be done inside, we should do it.

Our effort has enabled our customers to eliminate print procurement cost and improve ROI.

Our Story

For the last 40+ years, we have been providing products, solutions and technology to extend marketing reach of our customers.

We started with converting the flat sheet of paper to envelopes based on exact specification. Through our professional service and dedicated envelope manufacturing and printing services we were making the right impression for our customers. Combining innovative thinking with experience and expertise, we became the sole supplier for several government agencies and companies in the Healthcare, Financial and High-tech industry.

We added enterprise level customized printing, warehousing and fulfillment solution to our portfolio. Using our guiding principles of productivity and efficiency, we created change from manual print procurement to automated design, order and print procurement. We are very proud of this automation and named it ePRINTHUB.

ePRINTHUB allows our customers to have centralized Print Production resulting in reduce management, production, printing and storage costs. ePRINTHUB gives our customers capabilities to control branding elements to disperse personalized and customized marketing materials.

We have steadily improved and expanded our offerings. Today we are offering unified marketing communication solutions integrating print and electronic media channels giving our customers the ability to create a result driven marketing campaign.

We are a certified Green Business. As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the community where we live and work. We care about the environment and are proud of the many ways in which our employees safeguard it. Our persistent efforts to improve our safe work environment continue to pay off. We offer several environmentally responsible products that not only reduce the carbon footprint but also lowers the procurement cost.


Our Union City production facility enables us to do the all the things (Print Marketing & Fulfillment) which we are the best at. We are equipped with the latest in-print technology to meet all your print marketing needs.

We have managed to transition ourselves fully from a home country-focused manufacturing business model to that of a global. We believe that if the work can be done outside better and at a lower cost and in better quality than it can be done inside, we should do it! CEC Print Solutions has build a robust vendor network that allows us to be flexible in our print production capabilities.

Our effort has enable our clients to eliminate print procurement cost and improve ROI.



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