We Believe in
  • Making things happen
  • Taking ownership
  • Aligning with our customers
Our Core Values
  • Immersed in our customers to understand customer needs and pain.
  • Empower our customers
  • Dedication and Striving for improvement
Our Goals
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Competitive pricing via technological automation & Offshore Sourcing.
  • Eliminate Obsolete Inventory and Storage Cost
Our Responsibilities
  • Minimize Adverse environmental impact
  • Provide challenging workplace
  • Run sustainable operations


Offshore printing and publishing is the reality of globalization and has become a value added solution. CEC‘s presence in US and India has not only help us to understand customer requirements and specifications but also has become a good financial strategy for our customers.

Our local presence and global reach coupled with our 40 years of printing experience has overcome the common barriers like achieving superior print quality, medium of communications, turnaround times, Shipping cost and logistics. These are the same issues that have prevented companies from procuring print material from abroad. Our customer are taking advantage of our onshore and offshore capabilities to reduce your total print procurement cost by 30-50%.

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CEC offers a wide range of printed products such as

  • Books: Art Books, Children Books, Picture Book, Story Books, Comics
  • Thin Paper Products: Religious Literature, Dictionaries, Directories
  • Magazines, Periodicals and Annual Reports