We Believe in
  • Making things happen
  • Taking ownership
  • Aligning with our customers
Our Core Values
  • Immersed in our customers to understand customer needs and pain.
  • Empower our customers
  • Dedication and Striving for improvement
Our Goals
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Competitive pricing via technological automation & Offshore Sourcing.
  • Eliminate Obsolete Inventory and Storage Cost
Our Responsibilities
  • Minimize Adverse environmental impact
  • Provide challenging workplace
  • Run sustainable operations


CEC started with envelope manufacturing, turning flat sheets of paper into envelopes. We offer incredible depth of range of envelopes (Unique specs, unique style, unique size, and unique color) with superior quality. Today, we are one of the leading suppliers of envelopes in the Bay area. We sell over 10 million envelopes each year.

We work together with our customers in partnership. We make envelopes exciting by specifically designing envelopes to promote brands. We never lose sight of the functionality of an envelope by being aware of its processing environment, e.g. inserting machines or postal requirements. Our envelopes don’t jam machines and/or fail postal regulations, the two items that can incur terrific costs.

Call us to manufacture the appropriate envelopes for your specific inserting machines avoiding a drop in efficiency on the equipment.

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CEC’s customer The Santa Clara Family Health Plan

was spending a substantial amount to procure special envelopes that could feed through their automatic inserting equipment.


Constraint: The customer major constraint was that the Mail processing machine tolerance and the envelope design had to confirm to give optimal performance on the customer’s particular piece of equipment.

Customer Approach: Customer has tried various solutions like using different brand envelopes, making changes on the inserting machines and so on. Often times the inserting equipment was pulling the envelope apart during the operation. All their efforts were decreasing the mail processing productivity.

Solutions: CEC started working with the customer preparing the list of functionality that were important for the customer. CEC’s approach was to custom manufacture an envelope that would meet the inserting equipment’s requirement. CEC also eliminated the need for printing the address on the envelope by designing a custom window envelope showing the address through the window.

Results: 25% COST SAVINGS