We Believe in
  • Making things happen
  • Taking ownership
  • Aligning with our customers
Our Core Values
  • Immersed in our customers to understand customer needs and pain.
  • Empower our customers
  • Dedication and Striving for improvement
Our Goals
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Competitive pricing via technological automation & Offshore Sourcing.
  • Eliminate Obsolete Inventory and Storage Cost
Our Responsibilities
  • Minimize Adverse environmental impact
  • Provide challenging workplace
  • Run sustainable operations


Corporate Document Folders are used to present an organization as an expert in their field. The document folders are no longer just a folder. They build anticipation for what is inside and are the part of the brand recognition. Poorly designed folders typically result in distraction. The end result is that your product or service struggles to gain acceptance. CEC has expertise with designing and creating document folders that are simple. We work very closely with our customer during the design phase to ensure that the look and feel is consistent across its contents and that there are no elements that distract the prospects focus away from the brand.


A leading title company in the real estate industry was looking to produce a document folder that will increase the brand identity. The folder had to have security feature and an expanding capability to hold close to 200 papers. The folder had to have important elements such as business card sleeves and 5-6 different compartments for storing documents. The quality had to be appealing to the target audience.

After talking to the customer CEC learned that the title company’s end customers are driven by desire. We therefore deployed Feel-Think-Do model to produce the Folder. We created a folder with some texture on the paper, used rich colors on the heavier stock to stir desires and spur decisions. The die cut corners on the inside of the folder enable us to catch users’ attention. We gave the folder distinctive tactile effect in order to leave a deeper footprint in the brain. We integrated Velcro to make the folder little more engaging for the prospect. To make the folder long lasting and durable and at the same time stand out in the crowd we laminated the front and back of the folder. We performed the stress test on the folder to ensure that it does not lose its charm under normal wear and tear and can hold over 225 papers.

Brand Recognition Increase by 80%.