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  • Making things happen
  • Taking ownership
  • Aligning with our customers
Our Core Values
  • Immersed in our customers to understand customer needs and pain.
  • Empower our customers
  • Dedication and Striving for improvement
Our Goals
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Competitive pricing via technological automation & Offshore Sourcing.
  • Eliminate Obsolete Inventory and Storage Cost
Our Responsibilities
  • Minimize Adverse environmental impact
  • Provide challenging workplace
  • Run sustainable operations



The Direct mail is great if the campaigns are designed with a realistic strategy in mind. The purpose of Direct Mail Marketing is to increase prospect reach.

CEC has worked with numerous customers to make their direct mail campaign more effective. On several different projects we have been involved with different campaign tasks like identifying attributes that grab prospects’ attention, increasing the target audience attention span, designing messages that provide important information upfront and using customer intelligence for personalization and choice of medium.


CEC is a design and Print Solution Company and its customers are leveraging digital printing services since its inception.

CEC was engaged by a Real Estate Company to devise a direct marketing strategy to launch its new realtor business. We recommended a cross media marketing campaign which featured the use of offline, online and mobile channels to target geo-targeted unaddressed homes in particular zip code. The objective was to create brand awareness and drive traffic for the just listed homes in that area. The landing page and mobile site was created to give quick info about the upcoming property or the new property. As part of the creative strategy, we aimed to produce work that was fun, exciting and vibrant to visually communicate the energy and enthusiasm of the start-up company. We also recommended a small gift item (Magnetic photo frame) to use in the envelope along with the flyer. The campaign targeted 10,000 homes through the given zip code.

For the first quarter the Real Estate Company sold 5 homes with the monetary value of over 4 million dollars.

Overall campaign generated 40% ROI.