Who doesn’t like stickers? You can stick them on your laptop, notebook, refrigerator, cabinets, work desk, and so on. They are always there; we just don’t see them as carefully. They happen to be the most versatile marketing tools out there. If you’re thinking of printing your company logos as stickers, then you’re on the right track.

Stickers, as the name suggests, get stuck somewhere and make your marketing campaign more memorable. Whether you’re sticking them on purpose to grab attention or just for the frill, stickers never let your message go unnoticed. These unique labels send marketing messages in a way that other tools just can’t.

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Still not convinced? Read ahead to find out more.

Pushing Brand Image

Sometimes you see a logo sticker everywhere – on lamp posts or on the back of cars – and immediately put its name. This is the power of stickers as a marketing tool. They push your brand image and position your company in a way that everyone recognizes it (even kids). They play the role of mini billboards, giving your brand complete exposure and top-mind awareness.  

Stickers Work as a Salesperson

Believe it or not but stickers hold the same power as a salesperson does. Your product may have all the specifications and features listed on its packaging. The sticker will highlight the same information to draw the customer’s attention. A salesperson would have done the same thing for you, but stickers have the power to create urgency among your customers to make them feel that they need the product right away.  

Usually, holiday seasons come with big sales in stores. You may have noticed that stickers all around create interest and an immediate call to action. Printing and putting them on products which are “buy one get one free” will guarantee more sales. It grabs more attention and makes information more visible during a promotional period.  

Stickers at Events

Events such as concerts, trade shows, seminars, product launching, and so on are the place for stickers. Whether you’re trying to sell a product or create a brand image, stickers will give it a push. Making your brand the talk of the town, your customers will love getting something for free; even if it’s something as small as a sticker. Plus, it’s a fun and interactive form of reaching out to your customers.  

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Now, let’s get to the point. If you’re seriously considering stickers as marketing tools for your company, it is crucial to ensure premium quality printing. Not only do they look great, but also last a long time. Head over to CEC Print Solutions for a complete quotation. We would tell you all the aspects of sticker marketing, making sure to stick to your budget.