Managing Through Coronavirus: Small Businesses, Nonprofits Adapt in Creative Ways

COVID-19 has changed all our plans for 2020. While some of us had to make significant life adjustments, let’s not forget about the small entrepreneurs who have been hit the hardest. Many have had to go out of business, and some small businesses and nonprofits have adapted creative ways to survive. Hats off to those who found ways to keep rising above the challenges; and the ones who did not, many new doors will open for you soon.  

Without further ado, let us tell you some of the creative ways small businesses are surviving throughout this time.

#1. Recyclable Paper Bags Adapted by Small Businesses:

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While many companies in the past were using paper bags for environmental concerns, now most of them are using them for health concerns. Most states have suspended the usage of plastic bags, and restrictions on the usage of reusable bags are at a stand still. Paper bags come to the rescue. You’ll see that many small businesses are pivoting their creative solutions through customised paper bags. That’s their way of showing their love and care towards the environment as well as a unique opportunity to market their business. 

#2. Handmade Face Masks:

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By now, we all know that face masks can do wonders. When the pandemic hit, many small businesses created handmade aprons, capes, and dresses adapted to the situational needs. They moved from making aprons and dresses to making handcrafted face masks. This shift from becoming an affluent brand to fitting the community’s needs is truly inspiring. It’s also amazing how quickly these small businesses found a way to save their entity. 

#3. Food Pantry Services Become Ingenious:

Food pantries are having a hard time surviving. With increased movement restrictions and social distancing laws, many have decided to close down as they have heavily relied upon the corporate volunteers. Here’s the game-changer: others who understood the incredible emergency of food services, committed themselves to send help wherever it was needed the most. Social media banners and updates won the heart of the communities of the nonprofits that served their needs.  

Bottom Line

Businesses, whether small, medium, or large, found themselves to be unprepared and struggled to stay afloat. While the coronavirus stimulus package was a great initiative, even then many are unsure if they will be able to pick up exactly where they left off. Nonprofits, under other these conditions have little financial support to continue serving the community. Nonetheless, good businesses will manage to survive make their way through thick and thin. 

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