Most small businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic impact can be felt for businesses of all sizes, but it has been especially hard for small businesses. Lost customers, financial hardships for employees, unforeseen expenses due to social distancing and sanitizing standards. These are just some of the issues facing small businesses. So let’s ask the question; how can Print Service Providers help?

Social Distancing Graphics

Regardless of the size of your business, you are now faced with the challenging demand on how to implement your social distancing practices. States and counties require new rules on wearing masks, socially distancing between employees and for customers. Floor graphics are a simple, yet effective way to implement these rules.

Full color printed graphics are available in different sizes and shapes. Not only do they convey an effective message that can’t be missed, but they also function as a decorative element for visiting clients and customers. Posters can function as an effective communication tool for your visitors. It helps them understand the rules and regulations on COVID-19 safety measure before they even enter your premise. PSPs can provide these printing services in short or long runs. They allow immense flexibility depending on the size and scale of your operation.

Face Shield Printing

Masks have become a standard of our society in this day and age. However, even they only provide a certain level of protection. Another great PPE are face shields. Sure, they can be purchased as a generic piece of plastic, but what if you could customize it with your logo? Imagine a tool that not only helps your visiting customers and employees stay safe, but is also an effective marketing tool that promotes your company brand.

Promotional Banners & Signage

How do you communicate to your customers that you still operating during COVID-19? Outdoor banners provide excellent visual cues to customers that you are open for business. Not only are they an excellent communication channel, but they also can be used to promote upcoming sales and promotional events. They are durable to the outside elements, and they are also easy to hang up and take down. Print service providers can provide banner printing cheaply and quickly. This will consistently inform your customers of the changes to sales events, hours of operation and safety procedures when visiting your location.

Promotional Stickers from Your Nearest Print Service Provider

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your company on your customer’s mind. We live in a distracting world, which has become even worse with COVID-19. With people venturing out less and less due to shelter-in-place restrictions it’s even harder to promote your brand.

Direct marking materials can be expensive and mailing is sometimes difficult. Sure print service providers can help with that as well, but what if there was a cheaper and easier way for PSPs to help promote your brand in a more passive way? Stickers and labels can be that inroad to marketing your company.

Stickers are a simple, cheap, but effective way to keep your company on your customer’s mind. How many of us have seen a laptop while at the coffee shop loaded with stickers? One may have caught your eye, instantly triggering thoughts about ordering a product you needed.

Why does a certain fruit themed tech company give out free stickers with every computer, phone or tablet purchase? Because stickers are an easy way to promote your brand that everyone enjoys. PSPs can provide printing in short or long runs, customized colors and even contour cut shapes that fit with your company’s log and branding standards.

Let Print Service Providers Help Keep Your Business Going

The above are just a couple examples of how PSPs can help. Marketing can seem like a luxury that small businesses don’t have during COVID-19. Despite that a business not promoted enough becomes invisible. Let your print service provider work with you to figure out what products may be best to promote your company through print. Whether it be outdoor banners, face shields, direct marketing mail going to a potential customer’s mailbox, or a simple bumper sticker or fridge magnet, PSPs can promote your company and save you money by offering the flexibility in run lengths and project scope that your small business needs.

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